The BioCoal Product Capabilities

Torrified woodBioCoal is torrefied and densified biomass. The pellets or briquettes are comparable to fossil coal in many ways. Fossil coal, of which we used over 6 billion tons in 2010, adds dramatically to the green house effect or global warming. The big advantage of BioCoal is that, assuming it has been produced from sustainable biomass, it is CO2 netural.

At this moment utility companies use wood-pellets as biomass to co-fire in coal fired power plants. BioCoal has a number of characteristics that make it a competitive option compared to wood-pellets and give it different advantages in various potential markets.

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The Market of fossil coal

The market we are looking at is the market of coal users: natural or fossil coal. That market was over 6 billion ton in 2010 with the western world slightly reducing its usage and the Pacific Rim steeply increasing its usage. China produced over 3 billion tons, more than the number 2 to 10 together, but is a net importer.


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